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Empathetic Marketing – Find the right images for your personas

Successful content marketing is about creating a real connection between your audience and your brand. We know that marketing campaigns are designed to prompt a response (and usually a purchase) from the audience, but the challenge is to keep evolving your approach to avoid becoming tired, predictable or obvious. It’s time to talk about empathetic marketing.

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Forget the usual New Year’s resolutions!

Let us guess, you’ve made loads of New Year’s resolutions; exercise more, lose weight, dry January, get fit, maybe go vegan?  We’ve all done it and felt solemn in February when most of these have dropped off our radar or we’ve found that staying in and watching Luther (rather than go for a jog), eating a burger or having what feels like a well-deserved glass of wine (or 3) far too enticing.

This year why not make a few resolutions that will make a real difference and are more importantly easy to stick to?

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Why every marketing team in the travel industry needs a DAM

When it comes to travel marketing, images and videos are everything. After all, it is these typically flawless, breathtaking and never-ending images and videos that make clients and potential customers burst with aspiration and wanderlust, encouraging them to buy your product or service.

Given the worth of your digital assets, it is important that they are stored and managed with the appropriate system, in order to maximise their value and make your working life easier at the same time. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems provide travel marketers with a variety of benefits.

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Asset Transformer - Master Image

Asset Transformer

We’re excited to announce our latest new feature, Asset Transformer.

Asset Transformer allows you to display product images (or other relevant content) on your websites, safe in the knowledge that they are delivered reliably and quickly via a CDN (Content Delivery Network). In addition, as you are able to specify the ideal crops for each image in advance, you can ensure that the best version of each asset is served to your audience, regardless of their device. Asset Transformer is an optional module available to Asset Bank customers who host with us and use our Professional or Enterprise editions.

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