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Jumeirah Group – Asset Bank Client of the Month#1

Having spent 8 years providing asset management software to over 400 clients across the world, we have got to see a lot of assets.

They’re at the heart of what we do, so we think it’s time to celebrate these assets, or should we say our clients’ assets.

From now on, every month we’re are going to showcase some of our clients’ best images and videos.

As we are in peak holiday season, where better to start than with the Jumeirah Group. We will be sharing some of their best assets via our social media channels in August so if you are not already, please follow us now on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google+.

Here’s our Top 3 Jumeirah Assets:

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Meet the Asset Bank team

If you are a regular user of this site you might have noticed a few changes recently. One of the biggest changes is we have come out from behind our multi-screens to reveal our faces.

So when you browse around the site you get to meet a few of the team. Here’s a quick low-down on who is on the site so far.

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