Monthly Archives: February 2015

Why do Universities love Digital Asset Management?

We have long known that Universities are a core market for Digital Asset Management software.

At last count over 60 Universities across the globe use Asset Bank to manage their digital assets. Our clients include the Universities of Durham, Exeter and Newcastle in the UK and then further afield, Queen’s University in Canada, the University of Queensland in Australia, the National University of Singapore, and the Universities of St Thomas and Tennessee in the US.

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An A – Z of DAM

Digital Asset Management or DAM is a complicated and wordy business. So we thought we’d explain some of the terms you might come across as you explore the world of DAM. To keep it simple we’ve devised our A – Z of DAM.


We’re not talking about your house or your stocks here, we’re talking about your Digital Assets, any files, such as a logo, image or video that has associated metadata like titles and descriptions and that is owned by an organisation.

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