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The Future of File Storage

Technology is constantly improving. The vinyl record was replaced by the cassette tape, the cassette tape was replaced by the compact disc, the compact disc was replaced by the iPod, and eventually, the iPod will be replaced by something with more features, and even more file storage. This constant improvement is what makes the file storage industry a multi-billion dollar market – technology is always evolving, and as technology evolves, data increases.

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How to get user buy-in for your new digital asset management system

If you realise that your business is wasting time and money as a result of not having a self-service centralised store of your digital files, then you may be considering investing in a Digital Asset Management system (DAM).

DAM systems offer many benefits to all kinds of organisations from global giants to charities and could work for your business too. But no matter how good your DAM is, if it doesn’t get used there’s no point in having one.

Here’s six tips to ensure a successful roll-out of your DAM system:

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