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stock images and digital asset management

Which stock image licensing agreement should you use for Digital Asset Management?

Like most people you probably didn’t pay too much attention to the licensing agreement when you bought your last stock image. After all you’re doing the right thing and paying for it aren’t you? You’re not stealing it from Google images. But even if you did pay for it, if you are uploading these images into your Digital Asset Management system for others to use, we recommend you get very familiar with the different licensing agreements offered by stock image libraries. The chances are you might be breaking the agreement.

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Build a Hovercraft in under two hours

Asset Bank HQ is located in Brighton, a free-thinking city by the sea and one of the UK’s fastest growing tech hubs. The highlight of the tech calendar has got to be the Brighton Digital Festival in September, in 2014 there were 150 events and 47,000 attendees. It’s a great opportunity for everyone working in Brighton’s digital industry to get together and swap tips and tricks or simply share a few beers.

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