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Blue corridor in data storage centre.

DAM Hosting, Cloud or On-premise?

One of the first questions we ask when preparing a quote for new customers is how would you like to store your digital assets? Do you want to host your Digital Asset Management system (DAM system) on your own dedicated server? Or perhaps you would like us to host it for you in the cloud? Some clients have a very clear view or mandate on this. But many aren’t sure. In this blog we outline the main options and our recommendations.

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Infographic guide to virtual currencies.

An infographic guide to virtual currencies

Virtual currency – often referred to as “crypto currency” – is a software-based online payment system whereby units can be transferred between digital wallets without the need for a middleman, which in most cases is a financial institution. It is essentially an attempt to replace standard monetary transactions with a digital medium of exchange, using peer-to-peer networking to facilitate the transfer.

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