Monthly Archives: January 2016

Computer, smart phone and tablet against a white backdrop

Evolution of Asset Bank

Just over ten years ago Asset Bank made its debut into the realm of Digital Asset Management software. Over the years Asset Bank has grown significantly with a wide variety of powerful functionality and customisation options. In its current standing Asset Bank has over 500 clients, with over 200,000 users. So how has Asset Bank changed since its debut? Well throughout the course of this article I hope to explain just that.

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Man in red t-shirt being scanned by facial recognition software.

How can Image & Facial Recognition help DAM?

Facial and Image Recognition isn’t a new concept but recently there’s been more noise about it in the development sphere, since Google announced last December that it would make its facial and image recognition algorithms available through its Google Cloud Vision API.

Like most Digital Asset Management vendors, we have long seen the potential for software that can automatically and accurately identify objects and concepts in images. However there are many examples of how often this software fails.

With the availability of Google’s API, alongside other industry developments, we feel it’s time to look at the potential again.

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