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Asset Bank's Mike Blom

Internet Marketing Podcast with Asset Bank’s Mike Blom

We’re always keen to get to know other tech companies in Brighton. One of the better known is digital marketing consultancy, Site Visibility, also the people behind the Brighton SEO conference and the Internet Marketing Podcast, one of the world’s largest marketing podcasts. Given the latter’s success we were just a little bit excited when we were asked to give an introduction to the world of Digital Asset Management.

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Image of Asset Bank rights management system

Rights Management within a DAM system

One of the key benefits of using a Digital Asset Management System is the ability to manage any rights that apply to the assets within it. This may vary from ensuring a photographer is credited whenever an image is used, to monitoring the use of a key asset that has only been licenced for use over a six month period.  Our experience with Asset Bank tells us that most organisations will have slightly different requirements around rights management. In this article we have a look at a few of the different approaches that are used.

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