Image of multi-coloured paints and paint brush on table

Image courtesy of Mike Petrucci

You know how it is — you need an image quickly for your blog, but can’t seem to find anything on stock image sites beyond photos of strange people with orange tans pointedly excitedly at spreadsheets (seriously, no one gets that excited by a pivot table).  Free image sites are great but they can take ages to trawl, and this time around your own DAM library doesn’t quite have a photo that hits the mark.

Never fear, here are 5 handy tools that will help you to create stylish, appealing visual content . Best of all, they’re free…

1. Tagul generates ever-so-pretty word clouds from the text you input. What’s more, you can edit the layout, shapes and colours of your cloud. Have fun…

Word cloud with creative-themed words

2. Photochrome creates impressionistic photo palettes based on keywords. Type in a word and it will blend free stock photos from Unsplash into a dreamy,  Monet-esque image. You can also combine keywords for different effects.


3. Got an image that’s nice but that just doesn’t quite “pop”? Pixlr has an online smorgasbord of tools to edit, filter and enhance your photos. Here’s an image of an ordinary cup of tea,  given an exciting sepia makeover. Doesn’t it look more attractive, more mysterious and, frankly, more dateable now? (just so you know, this side-by-side collage was also created in Pixlr).

Two cup of tea images side-by-side, one black and white and one colour

4. Recite lets you create groovy looking posters out of your favourite  inspirational quotes, with no design needed on your part. What’s more, it makes image choices based on your text so you don’t have to search through stock sites. Recite does all the work for you, bless it.

Pink poster with two crossed pencils and the quote 'Creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein".

5. Last but not least, if you’d like to make an image less corporate looking, Photo Notes can turn it into a Polaroid (there’s also a feature for adding “handwritten” notes). Sigh, this picture makes us feel like it’s 1974 or something. We can’t wait to go on tour with the Bay City Rollers or whatever people did before the internet…

Polaroid image of the Asset Bank team with the message "We hope these tips have been handy".

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