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Videos are becoming increasingly crucial brand assets. So here are some tips for creating content that ‘wows’, from online video specialists, SeeThat

Video is an extremely powerful storytelling tool, especially in today’s digital environment. It’s a crucial element in both promoting your business and engaging your audience. Videos are one of the most versatile types of content, as they can be created for a specific purpose and repurposed in different ways, for various causes and platforms.

So what makes great video content?:

1. Ask ‘why’ over ‘what’ and ‘how’
It’s important to have a vision for your content and to completely understand the purpose of what you’re trying to create. Always start by asking yourself ‘why’, as this important step will help to shape the story that you are trying to tell.

“Why do you want to educate your customers? Why do you want to engage with a certain demographic? When you ask yourself why over what and how, the possibilities become endless and at the same time remain focused on your objective”, says Sam Widdows, Creative Director at SeeThat.

2. Know your objectives and target audience
Are you looking to introduce a new product, raise brand awareness or promote an event? It’s important to know the objectives of your video, as this is key for making content that stands out. It’s also good to familiarise yourself with the demographics of your target audience in order to hone the general appeal of your video.

3. Fuel your creative drive and learn new tricks
Constantly being on the lookout for inspiration and keeping up with current and new trends will speak volumes for the content that you create.

“It’s important to refill your creative cup and fill your life with experiences that you can use to fuel your creative drive”, says Sam Cordell, Camera Operator and Video Editor at SeeThat. Your content should speak to your audience in a way that they will understand, but don’t be afraid to be the first to experiment with new tricks and make them your own.

“If you see a hot new style, it’s important to deconstruct it in your head and think ‘how would I do that?’ or ‘how would I make it better?’ It’s a good way to stay fresh and avoid creating the same styles over and over again”, says Nick Temple, See That’s Lead Animator. “Old dogs must learn new tricks”, he adds.

4. Try to make your audience ‘feel’ something
From filming to post-production, being aware of the emotions that you want to evoke in your audience is a crucial difference in turning good video into great video.

Jason Baney, Lead Cinematographer at SeeThat believes that lighting “very much sets the mood, tone and feel of what you’re trying to create and what you’re trying to bring across to your audience”.

For SeeThat’s Video Editor, Chloe Holmes, the main goal with every edit is to make the audience ‘feel’.

“If I don’t feel it, neither will they, so I always strive to pass on some sort of emotion. Something that ‘wows’ me and then ‘wows’ the audience is a very special thing”, she says.

5. Experiment with your environment
When filming, try to focus less on the equipment you’re using and more on what’s in front of you. Be creative with lighting and the space around you to create depth in your video.

“With the right lighting and good positioning of a subject, you could still shoot something great on an iPhone, for example”, says Jason.

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6. It’s all in the detail
When it comes to creating online video content, there isn’t ‘one big thing’ that makes it great, but rather a combination of tiny things that individually go unnoticed.

“The devil is in the detail”, says Nick.

By Shanae Staple, Content Marketing Executive at SeeThat, a full-service video agency delivering standout moments through powerful and creative video content.

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