We are in the business of helping you to store and share your brand assets. But are you making the most of them on your website? And are you also following this approach through to your Asset Bank? In this blog we showcase a few of our clients who are getting it right.

Each of the Asset Banks listed below are publicly available, click on the images to have a further nose around.

Royal Shakespeare Company


RSC Home Page

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) is a theatre company that puts on productions of Shakespeare’s works across the globe. The main asset on their home page is a video, but in this case you click on an image to play it, it doesn’t auto-play. Images are key to promoting each production and as your scroll down the home page you can see they dominate.

The RSC Image Library

RSC Asset Bank Home Page

RSC Asset Bank Home Page

Linked to the point above re the importance of images, the RSC call their Asset Bank the RSC Image Library. To make the world of Shakespeare and their productions widely accessible, anyone can access the image library and can freely download a large amount of low res images. Media, partners and staff are advised to login to view a wider selection of images. Advice is also given to those who wish to license high res images.

Below the main ‘hero’ space, which is used to rotate leading images, the RSC have 20 or so image categories for each of their productions. This number of browse categories doesn’t work for everyone but for the RSC it is perfect as it matches the number of productions they have. They know users will probably be searching for a particular production and this categorisation makes it easy for them to locate the assets they want to use. Below the browse categories, there is a thumbnail line for recently added assets, encouraging use of the latest images. The side menu is used mainly to advise on how to find and use images.



IKEA Home Page

The world’s largest furniture retailer certainly knows how to use colour to engage customers. As with the other home page examples, text is minimal and images dominate. There is a simple top line menu and a floating search bar that follows you down the page.

And the IKEA image library?

IKEA Asset Bank Home Page

IKEA Asset Bank Home Page

Hopefully you can recognise the consistent approach used for their Asset Bank? There is a large main hero image which rotates for every visit, prominent search bar and ultra minimal side menu. There are only six top line browse categories which then break down to further subcategories when you click through. There’s also a thumbnail line for recently added assets and another for most downloaded, making it very easy to find the most popular images.


Assets are taking centre stage. In each of the home page examples above it is videos or images that dominate the space, and we all know why, because they are far more likely to engage users. And once engaged, together with simple UI and menu structure, users are far more likely to donate, buy furniture or a theatre ticket. Follow this logic through to the design of your Asset Bank and they will be far more likely to use your assets.

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