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What you need to know about machine learning in DAM

Asset Bank was one of the first digital asset management solutions to offer auto-tagging capabilities.  Martin discusses what we did, and learned, in an interview for He spoke to Henrik de Gyor, Chief Consultant at Another DAM Consultancy, about the potential that machine learning has for the DAM industry and the progress that needs to be made for it to be truly useful for users.


Martin discusses:

  • The MVP we developed in record time to add auto-tagging functionality to Asset Bank, and to gain feedback from  users on the visual recognition capabilities of API providers Clarifai and Google Cloud Vision.
  • How the tags suggested by these APIs are probably not yet accurate enough to be used on their own for most digital asset management needs. However, combined with human oversight they have the potential to save a lot of time.
  • Where the API vendors should focus their efforts if they want to appeal to the (huge!) DAM market.
  • How a hybrid of machine-suggested tags and human input can work well to save time in the tagging process.

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Asset Bank excels in the first DAM industry pricing survey

Child dressed as superhero

We’re pleased that Asset Bank has performed strongly in the recent DAM News Vendor Pricing Survey. Sixteen Digital Asset Management software vendors took part in the totally independent report (twenty declined to participate).

While the survey found that the average cost for the first year of a hosted DAM solution is USD $37,846, the average cost of Asset Bank comes in at less than a third  of this, at USD $11,547. 

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Client of the month: Us!

As we have loads going on this month we have decided to make ourselves the client of the month. In a way it’s true – as a client we are using our own Asset Bank more and more. We have also recently used our own Bright Interactive team to build new websites for both Asset Bank and Bright Interactive .

So first, as is customary, a little history. Bright Interactive is a web development company – we build web applications and software for a variety of clients. One of our first applications was our own Digital Asset Management system – Asset Bank – now used by over 400 organisations worldwide and by 17 FTSE 100 companies.

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