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Image of Asset Bank rights management system

Rights Management within a DAM system

One of the key benefits of using a Digital Asset Management System is the ability to manage any rights that apply to the assets within it. This may vary from ensuring a photographer is credited whenever an image is used, to monitoring the use of a key asset that has only been licenced for use over a six month period.  Our experience with Asset Bank tells us that most organisations will have slightly different requirements around rights management. In this article we have a look at a few of the different approaches that are used.

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Hierarchical keywords & synonyms

In addition to standard metadata fields such as ‘Title’ and ‘Description’, you should also have a keyword field to capture other terms. You can of course make use of a text area for this, allowing uploaders/editors to enter what they like. However, one of the most effective ways to capture this information is via a hierarchical keyword structure, also known as a controlled vocabulary.

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