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Rights Management within a DAM system

One of the key benefits of using a Digital Asset Management System is the ability to manage any rights that apply to the assets within it. This may vary from ensuring a photographer is credited whenever an image is used, to monitoring the use of a key asset that has only been licenced for use over a six month period.  Our experience with Asset Bank tells us that most organisations will have slightly different requirements around rights management. In this article we have a look at a few of the different approaches that are used.

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Asset Bank customer support team members, Ash and Victoria

Customer Support Satisfaction Survey February 2016

Tell it to me straight

At Asset Bank we believe its important to regularly ask you, our clients, what you think about us, our product and our customer service. We even go so far as to offer a charity donation for every completed response to our annual Customer Support Survey.

Of course, asking for peoples opinion is the easy bit, the hard bit comes after – listening to what has been said and then acting upon it.

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Evolution of Asset Bank

Just over ten years ago Asset Bank made its debut into the realm of Digital Asset Management software. Over the years Asset Bank has grown significantly with a wide variety of powerful functionality and customisation options. In its current standing Asset Bank has over 500 clients, with over 200,000 users. So how has Asset Bank changed since its debut? Well throughout the course of this article I hope to explain just that.

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DAM Hosting, Cloud or On-premise?

One of the first questions we ask when preparing a quote for new customers is how would you like to store your digital assets? Do you want to host your Digital Asset Management system (DAM system) on your own dedicated server? Or perhaps you would like us to host it for you in the cloud? Some clients have a very clear view or mandate on this. But many aren’t sure. In this blog we outline the main options and our recommendations.

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How to be a DAM good Admin – top 10 tips

There are a number of common factors often cited for ensuring a successful launch of Digital Asset Management software within your organisation, ensuring company wide buy-in, training users and buying the right system for your company in the first place. But often missed is the massively important role of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) Admin, you’re reading this blog so we’re assuming it’s you? You are the engine for making all these factors happen. Here are some tips for helping you ensure the continued success of your DAM system.

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