Forget the usual New Year’s resolutions!

Let us guess, you’ve made loads of New Year’s resolutions; exercise more, lose weight, dry January, get fit, maybe go vegan?  We’ve all done it and felt solemn in February when most of these have dropped off our radar or we’ve found that staying in and watching Luther (rather than go for a jog), eating a burger or having what feels like a well-deserved glass of wine (or 3) far too enticing.

This year why not make a few resolutions that will make a real difference and are more importantly easy to stick to?

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Drive international engagement with this 1 simple change to your DAM

Content Delivery Networks or “CDNs” are becoming increasingly popular as of late – and rightly so – because they’re a great way to improve the speed in which your applications and files can be accessed around the world. Whether we’re in the workplace or out and about, getting the information we need quickly and easily reduces stress as well as enabling faster workflows, so it’s well worth taking a look at how CDNs can help.

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