Content Delivery Networks or “CDNs” are becoming increasingly popular as of late – and rightly so – because they’re a great way to improve the speed in which your applications and files can be accessed around the world. Whether we’re in the workplace or out and about, getting the information we need quickly and easily reduces stress as well as enabling faster workflows, so it’s well worth taking a look at how CDNs can help.

We’re always working to optimise Asset Bank to provide a streamlined experience, so why would you need the extra power of a CDN? Even though broadband speeds are constantly improving, when asset files are delivered from a server – albeit in the cloud – the physical location of that server still has a large impact on the delivery speed. This means that CDNs can have a significant impact on the time it takes for your data to load if you are working remotely from the server. In a modern world the time it takes for webpages to load can be a frustrating experience and every second of waiting for pages to load is time wasted.


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When could a CDN help you?

In a global organisation it’s important that all of your users can find what they are looking for as efficiently as possible – regardless of where in the world they are working.  Performance is critical, especially if your team members are relying on shared wireless networks or data roaming plans, and this is where having a CDN in place can make a big difference.

Case Study

One of our global clients recently expanded their use of Asset Bank which meant their files are now being accessed by users across the world. There are hundreds of variations of these assets and every time a user performs a search the resulting page offers up to 240 thumbnail images with titles and descriptions of every asset. Their main Asset Bank server is located in North America, so pages load quickly and responsively in this region, but they found that users in Asia were having to wait significantly longer for their content to load.

In order to improve this we implemented a CDN to work with their Asset Bank, meaning that the user experience was much faster in all regions, rather than just being effective in America. When assets are loaded they are also stored in local servers across the world using using Amazons ‘Edge’ service. This means that assets have less distance to travel across the network and therefore can be accessed more quickly.

The client has now found that users in all four of their offices around the globe are receiving increased performance from their Asset Bank, which means that more of their staff are accessing the system on a regular basis and getting the benefits of having a central DAM system, leading to a very happy client!

If you’d like to find out more about how a CDN can boost your Asset Bank experience, contact our support team today!

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