Can your Digital Asset Management solution really be a one-off investment? In theory, yes – but we wouldn’t recommend it. Our 14 years of experience in DAM tells us that ongoing engagement is essential to achieve long-term benefits from the system.

The key to the success of your DAM programme involves budgeting accordingly for ongoing maintenance, training, and periodically re-evaluating your workflows and structure to ensure they are still suitable. Having a strong relationship with your DAM vendor’s support team is a great way to ensure you’re getting the most of new features and that your system stays in good condition.  By omitting any of the above from your procurement plan, there is a significant risk of your DAM system falling out of favour and very quickly your one-off investment can become a false economy.

David Diamond, a recognised expert in the DAM industry, wrote the following statement back in 2013:

” Having a DAM that isn’t configured for your needs is like having a roll of fabric, some thread and a pair of scissors that someone sold you as a ‘business attire solution.’

This simple analogy gives some insight to the work involved in ensuring your organisation achieves the benefits of a tailored and well-customised DAM. It is often the case that an organisation can receive some benefits from using a DAM system without spending much time configuring it, but often the real benefits are achieved throughout a wider project to ensure that the system is both customised to your needs and central to your organisation.

One of the main things that can make a DAM implementation a success is involving your users at an early stage. If the system is designed by a single user then it can often be difficult to fully consider and appreciate the needs and expectations of different parts of the organisation. When you have a range of users involved then the final structure and configuration is often more effective which will help to ensure you receive the full benefits of an effective DAM solution.

Here at Asset Bank we know that the software is only part of the solution. Our new clients always engage directly with our professional services team to go through a period of training and consultancy to ensure everything is configured to best suit the needs of your users.

My time spent managing assets went from an hour or two per day, to an hour or two per MONTH. Exactly the results we needed.

–  Eric Iversen, Kingston Technology

Throughout the consultancy process, the Asset Bank team consistently transformed what seemed insurmountable challenges into conquerable bite-size chunks. A flawless experience!

– Patricia Savage, OneHope

The key to a successful digital asset management implementation is ensuring that you consider the project from a multitude of perspectives – such as the people, process, and technology:

  • People need to be effectively trained and enthusiastic to use the new software to improve their day-to-day workload.
  • The processes involved in using the system need to work for all of the key user groups so it is beneficial for all.
  • The chosen technology needs to offer relevant functionality in an approachable and intuitive manner.

When we work with our clients we strive to ensure you get the best possible experience – by using our background knowledge of digital asset management and providing guidance and training that our clients so highly rate, we are able to ensure your initial launch is successful and your system provide real, lasting benefit. We want to work with you throughout the journey from design to implementation to ensure you really get the most out of the system.

Interested in learning more? Book a guided demo and learn more about how Asset Bank’s software and services can save you time and money.

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