As an admin user of Asset Bank it is good practice to periodically check what search terms users have been searching on. You can do this via the admin menu here:

Admin > Reports > Search Reports

You have a few options here, but one of the most interesting is a grouped report of search terms that have failed to elicit a match. See Fig 1.

Fig 1. Generating a report that will highlight search terms that resulted in no matches

Once generated you can easily download it and open it in Excel, allowing you to re-order it to show the search terms that are most frequent.

What next?

Let’s imagine that the results showed that over the last six months 50 users searched on the term ‘Head Office’, but no results where returned. Yet as an admin user I know I have photos of my head office building in Asset Bank, but the term ‘head office’ is not in any of the metadata fields for these assets. The solution would be to add this additional metadata in, as we have found out that people often search on this term.

Of course, users may just be searching for items that simply do not exist in the Asset Bank in question. In these cases the admin user can decide whether or not it is useful to get hold of such material and upload it.

If you have any feedback or questions then please get in touch:

Thanks, Paul.

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