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The Future of File Storage

Technology is constantly improving. The vinyl record was replaced by the cassette tape, the cassette tape was replaced by the compact disc, the compact disc was replaced by the iPod, and eventually, the iPod will be replaced by something with more features, and even more file storage. This constant improvement is what makes the file storage industry a multi-billion dollar market – technology is always evolving, and as technology evolves, data increases.

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Digital Asset Management ROI

From time to time prospective clients ask us to estimate the return on investment a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can bring.

Let us say upfront, this is a tricky business. There are a huge amount of factors which can determine the savings (and consequently the return) a DAM can bring.

As a general rule, introducing DAM software to your business will help make your organisation more effective, allowing you to secure and control your digital assets, increase staff productivity, and significantly reduce your marketing costs. All of these aspects should work together to save you money and the larger the organisation the larger the savings.

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