Digital Asset Managment (DAM) is a niche industry. So we’re lucky to have the DAM Foundation , an organisation that exists to create standards in Digital Asset Management and promote best practice.

We’re 100% behind their latest initiative,  establishing the ten core characteristics of Digital Asset Management software. The characteristics were first defined in a blog by DAM author Elizabeth Keathley, then later refined in collaboration with the DAM Foundation board . These characteristics are now being used to clarify whether a vendor meets core functionality of a Digital Asset Management system. At the last count twenty seven vendors have passed the evaluation including Asset Bank.


DAM Foundation 10 Core Characteristics


We have summarised the ten characteristics below.

  1. Ingests assets individually or in bulk and allows for the manipulation of those assets.
  2. Secures the assets they contain including access control lists and user roles.
  3. Stores assets as both binaries and metadata.
  4. Renders assets on ingest into new forms, such as thumbnails or proxy files.
  5. Enriches assets through the extension of metadata and metrics on their use.
  6. Relates assets by tracking the relationships between an original asset and subsequent versions.
  7. Regulates a structured process in the management, creation, and review of assets with workflow tools.
  8. Allows users to search and find assets using metadata, collections, workflows, or access control tools.
  9. Provides previews so users can view assets before downloading or opening files on their own device.
  10. Provides methods for assets to be shared, linked to, or otherwise distributed.

Read the full ten characteristics on the DAM Foundation site. .

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